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Entry Author Date Location
With Souped-Up Rituxan, Unum Plots First Foray Into T-Cell Therapy 12/01/14 Boston
Socrata Lands $30,000,000 New Funding Round 11/28/14 Seattle
CommitChange Obtains $200,000 New Funding 11/26/14 Seattle
Startups and 13 States Jumpstart Equity Crowdfunding Without SEC 11/25/14 Wisconsin
Pacific Light Technologies Receives $325,000 New Financing 11/25/14 Seattle
Minetta Brook Garners $250,000 New Funding 11/25/14 Seattle
Patient Deaths Move Amgen To Pull Drug From Stomach Cancer Trials 11/24/14 Seattle
The Risks and Opportunities in a Startup: Age 2-5 Years 11/24/14 San Francisco
MassChallenge Winner From MIT Aims to Kill Cancer With a “Squeeze” 11/24/14 Boston
Mirador Financial Obtains $2,000,000 Seed Financing Round 11/24/14 Seattle
Seattle Roundup: AWS to Clean Cloud, Pitch Winners, Techstars, & More 11/21/14 Seattle
Aortica Receives $7,000,000 Series A Round 11/21/14 Seattle
X2 Biosystems Secures $1,710,000 New Round 11/21/14 Seattle
West Coast Biotech Roundup: Gilead, Juno, Hutch, Fibrogen & More 11/20/14 Seattle
Seattle’s Fred Hutch Taps a Harvard, Merck Vet As New President 11/20/14 Seattle
With Atlas Cash and Berkeley Tools, Intellia Joins the CRISPR Fray 11/18/14 Boston
Breaking Bottlenecks, Opening the Floodgates to Genomic Data 11/18/14 National
New Research Could (Finally) Remove RNAi’s Commercial Limitations 11/17/14 National
Juno, Less Than a Year Old, Lines up IPO to Fund Cancer Work 11/17/14 Seattle
Leading Seattle Entrepreneurs to Share Stories at Xconomy Xchange Tuesday 11/14/14 Seattle
Innovation Hub: The Next Wave of Sports Analytics 11/14/14 National
Rival IQ Garners $1,000,000 New Funding Round 11/14/14 Seattle
Indice Semiconductor Garners $6,000,000 New Financing Round 11/14/14 Seattle
Dissecting the “Dataware” Technology Stack with Madrona’s Matt McIlwain 11/13/14 Seattle
West Coast Biotech Roundup: Intarcia, Dendreon, Amgen, Doudna & More 11/13/14 San Francisco
Who Needs a Mega-Hit? 12-Year-Old Big Fish Games Sold for $885M 11/13/14 Seattle
Ballmer Pumps Life into Boston Tech Ecosystem with Harvard Grant 11/13/14 Boston
know’N’act Lands $500,000 New Round 11/13/14 Seattle
Entomo Secures $2,000,000 New Funding 11/13/14 Seattle
Jane Says: Julep CEO on Leadership, Growing Pains, Community, Family 11/12/14 Seattle
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