10 Apps & Sites That Bring Back the Joy of Reading

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7. Reeder

When I compiled a review of “The 10 Social News Reader Apps You Need to Try” a couple of weeks ago, I pointedly left out Reeder, an app that lets you access your Google Reader RSS feeds on the iPhone and iPad, because it lacks the social-curation features and the magazine-style layouts that characterize the other apps I examined. But as a reading app, Reeder is still worth checking out, for two reasons. First, it has a super-clean, Instapaper-like interface. That makes it a soothing alternative to other RSS readers, which emphasize variety over order. Second, it works extremely well with Readability. You can access your Readability queue from Reeder, and it also has a one-tap button for saving articles from your RSS feeds to your Readability queue. (It takes just a couple of additional taps to save articles to Instapaper or Evernote.)

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