World Wide Wade Goes West—Episode III, Who’s Wade?

Mile 971—northern Michigan. We definitely aren’t taking the direct route from Boston to San Francisco. We’ve veered north in order to take in Torch Lake—where we’ve spent the last two nights with my parents—and Minneapolis, our next destination.

We were at Torch Lake long enough to record two videos. The second, coming tomorrow, is a fascinating interview with a local retired couple—a former industrial chemist and a former registered nurse—who use technology with gusto and have plenty of opinions to share about it.

The first, which you can watch below or at YouTube, is more personal. I figured Xconomy’s readers might want to know a little more about this guy from Boston who’s so worked up about moving to San Francisco. How did he get to be a journalist? Why is he so interested in technology? How many gadgets does he own, anyway?

We got a kick out of filming this one, which involves a slightly unconventional interview technique. A few seconds in, you’ll see what I mean.

I hope you’ll check out the whole travelogue series, starting with the pilot/preview episode (posted June 14), the Gloucester, MA, episode (posted Monday, June 28), and the Rochester, NY, episode (posted Tuesday, June 29). Watch for new video posts every day here at or subscribe to the World Wide Wade Goes West YouTube channel at

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Wade Roush is a contributing editor at Xconomy. Follow @wroush

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