GM, Ford Announce Plans To Beam Google Maps Directions Directly To Autos

If you drive a General Motors or Ford vehicle and subscribe to proper services, you’ll be able to avoid printing maps and schlepping them to the car before the end of the month.

That’s because both auto companies today announced new partnerships with Google that enable users to beam turn-by-turn directions from Google Maps directly to their OnStar or SYNC navigation systems that are built into their cars’ dashboards.

If you drive a Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury, you’ll click a “Send to SYNC” link on Google Maps results. Once you’re in your car, and if you subscribe to SYNC’s Traffic, Directions and Information service, your voice command can download your Google Maps directions and off you go.

Similarly, drivers of GM vehicles can click on an eNav button on Google Maps results that will allow users to send turn-by-turn directions to the OnStar units in their cars.

The announcements follow last month’s demonstration of mobile mapping features between OnStar and the Google Android operating system for the Chevy Volt.

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