Photos from the Xconomy H-O-R-S-E Tourney, and Our First Champion (*)

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The games continue:

A tough second-round matchup

Bob’s NBA shooting form propelled his (second) team to the finals:

Bob Buderi

Most innovative shot (amazingly this shot, and the other team’s version, went in):

Most innovative H-O-R-S-E shot

Richard drains a clutch shot to keep Rarry alive:
Richard drains a clutch shot

A quiet moment of reflection for Phoenix, our champions, and Erin from Xconomy:
Our H-O-R-S-E champions: Phoenix

Gregory T. Huang is Xconomy's Deputy Editor, National IT Editor, and the Editor of Xconomy Boston. You can e-mail him at Follow @gthuang

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  • Erdin Beshimov

    That reverse layup was my work! I didn’t make it though. What a fun event!