Plinky Goes Kablooie

Thing Labs, the California startup that launched both the Plinky prompting service and the Brizzly social media reader with support from Waltham, MA-based Polaris Venture Partners, announced late Tuesday night that it plans to stop updating Plinky, and that it may eventually shut the site down. In an e-mail to users, Thing Labs said its developers have been so busy improving Brizzly, which presents simplified views of Facebook and Twitter updates, that they haven’t had time to work on Plinky, which provided daily prompts to help users write social-media updates. “We put a lot of work into [Plinky], and we think it’s a great site,” the Thing Labs notice said. “At the same time, we feel we have much more to offer with Brizzly than we ever could have with Plinky.” Xconomy profiled Plinky in February 2009, calling it “the cure for blank-slate syndrome.”

Wade Roush is a contributing editor at Xconomy. Follow @wroush

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