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The Genetics Institute Alumni: Where Are They Now?

Xconomy Boston — 

[Updated: 11:50 am, 8/27/12] Genetics Institute stopped making biotech headlines a long time ago. But almost 15 years after it was acquired, this high-flier from the industry’s first big wave in the 1980s is still having a ripple effect on the Boston biotech scene. It was one of the key companies that recruited, inspired, and mentored a generation of young scientists and business people in Boston.

GI, as it is known, was founded in 1980 by a couple of scientists from Harvard University, Mark Ptashne and Tom Maniatis, and got going as a business the next year with the addition of Gabriel Schmergel, a former Baxter Healthcare executive, as CEO. The company developed a reputation for first-rate science along with Genentech, another industry pioneer. It grew to 600 employees and a $1 billion market valuation by 1991, before its devastating loss in a patent lawsuit with Amgen. Rather than resort to mass layoffs, GI sold a majority ownership stake to Wyeth in 1992, and was then taken over completely in December 1996. At the end of its independence, 1,200 people worked at Genetics Institute.

Many of the people who now lead emerging biotech companies in Boston—Tuan Ha-Ngoc of Aveo Pharmaceuticals, Adelene Perkins of Infinity Pharmaceuticals, and John Knopf of Acceleron Pharma, to name a few—got their start at Genetics Institute. They still rave about what an amazing experience it was, and how the things they learned there influence them today in how they run their companies.

“This is something I’m particularly proud of,” says Schmergel, reached at his home in Florida. “A whole bunch of people have spun out of there. Some have done incredibly well. And this is a tough business.”

Schmergel—an investor in Xconomy, it must be noted—says Ptashne and Maniatis deserve the credit for establishing a culture that valued top-notch science. But even though he sometimes struggled to understand all of the science himself, he made sure that everybody in the company, not just scientists, respected it. “I used to tell our business guys that you don’t have to be a scientist in biotech, but you better be science-friendly and learn as much as you can because it’s the basis of the company,” Schmergel says.

To get a sense of where the Genetics Institute family tree extends today, I’ve sought to put together a directory with links to help GI alumni connect and re-connect. I want this list to include not just mover-shaker types, but also the rank-and-file who have moved on to other places since the Wyeth takeover in December 1996. The list includes 270 names at last count, and I expect it to grow over time. I owe thanks for help with this project to Schmergel, Infinity’s Perkins, Gina Nugent of The Yates Network, and three guys from Acceleron Pharma—Bob Steininger, Matt Sherman, and Jack Morgan.

Now here’s the part where you can help. If you see any information below that’s out of date or incorrect, please let me know and I’ll fix it. If you have any questions, comments, or new information, please send me a note at ltimmerman@xconomy.com or editors@xconomy.com.

Over time, I hope this story can become a richer and more valuable resource for Genetics Institute alumni. Here’s the list I’ve put together in alphabetical order, with the most updated titles and affiliations I found online.

Joan Abrams, biotechnology teacher, Cambridge Public Schools

Kate Adams, vice president of diagnostics marketing, HistoRx

Robert Adamson, retired, former vice president, Pfizer

Tim Ahern, science and regulatory consultant, Acceleron Pharma

Leslie Alessandri, scientist, Abbott Bioresearch Center [Added: 10:40 am, 5/20/10]

Dean Alger, senior director, regulatory affairs, Genzyme. Retiring in May. [Added: 10:05 am, 3/23/10]

Jayne Allard, US Benefits & Retirement Specialist at Lonza [Added: 5:30 pm, 10/28/11]

Joel Alvarez, associate director, global regulatory operations, Shire Human Genetic Therapies

Juan Alvarez, senior director, discovery research and biologics, Alkermes [Added: 9:45 pm, 3/22/10]

John Amari, associate director, Syntonix Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Biogen Idec [Added: 12:05 am, 4/2/10]

Godfrey Amphlett, executive director, process and product development, ImmunoGen [Added: 12:05 am, 4/2/10]

Kim Archer, project manager, Novartis Institutes for Biological Research

Fred Bader, retired former vice president, Johnson & Johnson

Adel Bakhtyari, senior analytical scientist, Paratek Pharmaceuticals [Added: 3:20 pm, 8/8/11]

Mary Lynn Baniecki, fellow, Harvard Medical School [Added: 2:25 pm, 8/10/10]

Kathleen Beach, director, GlaxoSmithKline

Joan Bell, global head, program office, Novartis

Dennis Benjamin, senior director, chemistry, Seattle Genetics

Leslie Benthien, director of global training, BioMarin Pharmaceuticals

David Berstein, senior vice president and chief intellectual property officer, Ariad Pharmaceuticals

Bernadine Blacknall (Kirkland), senior administrative associate, scientific alliances & research, global medical affairs, Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company [Updated: 3:20 pm, 10/19/11]

Dale Blank, biotechnology consultant

Garen Bohlin, executive vice president, Constellation Pharmaceuticals

Page Bouchard, global head, preclinical safety, Novartis

Ron Branning, vice president, corporate quality assurance, Gilead Sciences

David Brazier, associate director, clinical operations, New England Research Institutes

Sue Brodeur, associate director, technical operations, Pfizer [Added: 1:35 pm, 3/25/10]

Jonathan Brooks, research scientist II, Pfizer [Added: 12:30 pm, 3/29/10]

Eugene (Gene) Brown, managing member, Quicksilver Consultants

Scott Brown, vice president, general counsel, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research [Added: 4:38 pm, 8/1/10]

Tim Bugbee, director, manufacturing, Pfizer [Added: 7:45 pm, 3/23/10]

Paul Burgess, vice president of intellectual property, BIND Biosciences, director of intellectual property, Logical Therapeutics [Added: 10:30 am, 3/26/10]

Kathy Byington, vice president, finance and administration, University of Maryland Baltimore [Added: 7:15 pm, 4/18/10]

Ray Camphausen, associate vice president, protein design, Adnexus Therapeutics

Barbara Carter, biotech human resources consultant

Martha Carter, senior vice president of regulatory affairs and quality assurance, Proteon Therapeutics

Anthony Celeste, research investigator, Array BioPharma [Added: 12:20 am, 4/23/10]

Catherine Celingant, senior director, medical systems innovative technologies, Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company

Abbie Celniker, CEO, Taligen Therapeutics

Maria Cervone, informatics project manager, center for biomedical informatics, Harvard Medical School

Divya Chaudary, consultant, Nimbus Discovery [Added: 3:35 pm, 10/19/11]

Gustav Christensen, president and CEO, Dyax

Michael Cicio, senior director of manufacturing, Lonza Biologics

Chuck Cifuni, senior project manager, process transfer and manufacturing, pharmaceutical science R&D, Pfizer [Added: 11:35 am, 4/5/10]

Steve Clark, board member, Aveo Pharmaceuticals

Denis Clifford, vice president and chief marketing officer, SBLI

Gary Cohen, biotech attorney specializing in IP and ethics, Foundation Medicine

Robert Corcoran, vice president of quality operations, Shire Human Genetic Therapies

Richard Covitz, president, Oncology Partners

Lisa Cozza, senior director of manufacturing alliances, Human Genome Sciences

Lori Crane, non clinical development sciences, Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company

Christopher Crowley, senior technology scientist II, Pfizer [Added: 2 pm, 4/2/10]

Luann Cserr, Principal, Cserr Patents & Strategic Counseling [Added: 11/23/10]

Cristina Csimma, vice president of drug development, Virdante Pharmaceuticals

Zoltan Csimma, senior vice president and chief human resources officer, Genzyme

Dale Cumming, director of scientific evaluations, International Consortium on Anti-Virals

Tim Cunningham, senior manufacturing supervisor, Biolex

Rosemarie Currier, contract administrator, EnerNOC [Added: 6:40 pm Eastern, 9/27/10]

Klaus Dahl, retired [Added: 2 pm, 4/2/10]

Stan Daley, retired [Added: 12:30 pm, 3/29/10]

Karen Dawes, president, Knowledgeable Decisions. Board member, Repligen and Depomed

Dawn Day, manager, sales systems and reporting, Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics

Charlene (Quinto) DeClercq, senior research scientist, inflammation & immunology, Pfizer. [Added: 9:35 am, 1/24/11]

Tom DesRosier, senior vice president and general counsel, Genzyme

Andrew Dorner, senior director, Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company

Deb Donaldson, translational medicine specialist in the San Francisco Bay Area

Eileen Dube, owner, Merrimack Valley Acupuncture

Kevin Dykstra, president and CEO, qPharmetra [Updated: 11:05 am, 9/30/10]

Jeff Eckman, CEO, BlueGreen Ventures

John Edwards, president, Adnexus Therapeutics

Bruce Eisen, retired [Added:10:10 am ET, 8/9/11]

Bonnie Fendrock, president and CEO, Hepregen

Crystal Ferguson, executive coordinator, corporate communications, Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company [Added: 2 pm, 3/29/10]

John Fernberg, director of operations, Biogen Idec

Charles (Chuck) Finn, co-founder, president and CEO, RRD International

Lori Fitz, principal research scientist, inflammation and immunology, Pfizer [Added: 11:15 am, 6/2/10]

Bill Fleming, IT senior engineer, regional client computing, Pfizer [Added: 12:05 am, 4/2/10]

Barry Foster, retired [Added: 6:40 pm, 7/23/10]

Lynette Fouser, Principal Research Scientist II, Pfizer [Added: 9:35 pm 11/21/10]

Ed Fritsch, consultant

L. Patrick Gage, founder, enGage Biotech Consulting; executive chairman, Virdante Pharmaceuticals; board member, Acceleron Pharma, Immune Control, and Alvine Pharmaceuticals. Chairman of Cytokinetics. [Updated: 9:45 pm, 3/22/10]

Marc Garnick, clinical professor, Harvard Medical School

Derick Gates, senior director, global CMC, Pfizer [Added: 11:59 pm, 3/30/10]

Jill Goddard, associate Director, clinical operations, Infinity Pharmaceuticals [Added: 9:45 pm, 3/22/10]

Jane Davis Golden, director, clinical development, Virdante Pharmaceuticals [Added: 10:05 am, 3/23/10]

Jennifer Sydney Goldman, director, clinical business operations, Aveo Pharmaceuticals [Added: 9:45 pm Eastern, 3/22/10]

David Graham, vice president of program and alliance management, Aveo Pharmaceuticals

George Green, head of global manufacturing, technology development, Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics

Scott Greer, managing director, Numenor Ventures, founder of Abgenix

Nick Guise, consultant, CNG Consultants

Tuan Ha-Ngoc, CEO, Aveo Pharmaceuticals

Alan Harris, executive director & global franchise head neuroscience and ophthalmology, Novartis Biologics

Dana Helm, independent human resources consultant

Rod Hewick, retired

Geoffrey Hodge, vice president of process development and technology, Xcellerex

Brian Hubbard, scientific executive director, Amgen

Tina Hurley, director, product development, Biogen Idec [Added: 10:40 am, 5/20/10]

Ben Isaacs, co-founder and  president, Formatech

Indu Isaacs, co-founder and CEO, Formatech

Mary Antoinette Jackson, manager, global information services, Vertex Pharmaceuticals [Added: 3:35 pm, 10/19/11]

Ken Jacobs, director of project management, ImmunoGen

Niall Johnson, consultant

Jerry Justin, senior director of manufacturing operations, Shire Human Genetic Therapies

Robert Kamen, board member, Lycera

Nancy Kaplan, city councilor, Burlington VT [Added: 12:20 pm, 8/12/10]

Randal Kaufman, professor of biological chemistry and internal medicine, University of Michigan

Bob Kay, president and CEO, Origen Therapeutics

Ellen Keenan, senior administrative specialist, Pfizer (retiring April 1, 2010) [Added: 12:40 pm, 3/25/10]

Brian Kelley, vice president of bioprocess development, Genentech

Rich Kenley, CEO, Advantar Laboratories

Tim Keutzer, director of project management, Cubist Pharmaceuticals [Added: 9 am, 3/24/10]

Neil Kirby, CEO, Edimer Pharmaceuticals

Bob Kitchen, principle research scientist I, analytical research and development, Pfizer [Added: 6:30 pm, 3/31/10]

Jeanette Kohlbrenner, vice president of human resources, Infinity Pharmaceuticals

Mick Koplove, retired [Added: 6:40 pm, 7/23/10]

John Knopf, founder and CEO, Acceleron Pharma

Maryann Krane, regulatory consultant, RRD International

Cathy Lagana, quality assurance metrology engineer, Boston Analytical

Tina Lampropoulos, manager, regulatory publishing, Shire Human Genetic Therapies

Toni LaPorte, vendor manager, Biogen Idec [Added: 11:30 am, 3/2/2011]

Glenn Larsen, chief operating officer, Hydra Biosciences

Peter Lasky, senior vice president of human resources, Shire Pharmaceuticals [Added: 9 am, 3/24/10]

Ed LaVallie, associate director, global biotherapeutic technologies, Pfizer [Added, 3:10 pm, 7/27/10]

Dan Lavin, senior principal process engineer, Parsons

Steven Lazar, principal, SRL Patents & Licensing

Bruce Leicher, senior vice president and general counsel, Momenta Pharmaceuticals

Patricia Lewis, biotech/pharma consultant

Jian-Liang Li, manager, bioinformatics, Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute [Added: 10:30 am, 3/9/11]

Melinda Lindquist, president, InforMEDical Communications

Vincent Ling, head of biological sciences, Neurotech [Added: 9:30 am, 1/24/11]

Jay Lochhead, director of manufacturing, Amgen [Added: 6:30 pm, 3/23/10]

William Lonergan, security consultant, owner, Lighthouse Security Consulting [Added: 10:10 am, 3/23/10]

Andy Long, senior scientist III, immunoscience pharmacology, Abbott Laboratories. [Added: 1:50 pm, 7/23/10]

Trish Lowden, principal research associate, Acceleron Pharma [Added: 5:30 pm, 5/19/10]

Tom Maniatis, professor of molecular and cellular biology, Harvard University, co-founder Sirtris Pharmaceuticals

Istvan Mazsaroff, scientific director, Taligen Therapeutics

Jim McColgan, associate director, pilot lab and production operations, Pfizer Global Manufacturing [Added: 7:45 pm, 3/23/10]

John McCoy, chief scientific officer, Glycosyn

Pamela McMahon, associate director, Institute for Technology Assessment, Massachusetts General Hospital [Added: 8/27/12]

David Merberg, associate director, knowledge management, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Janet Judd Merrill, executive sales representative, molecular & cell biology systems, Life Technologies [Added: 11:05 am, 4/7/10]

Deborah Meshulam, director of process science and engineering, ImmunoGen

Rachel Meyers, senior director, RNAi lead development, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

Stephen Meyler, director of portfolio and project Management, Pfizer BioTherapeutics [Added: 6:40 pm, 9/27/10]

Carol Miceli, senior manager, investor relations, Amag Pharmaceuticals

Clare Midgley, consultant, Denneen & Company

David Miller, senior director, business development, Dicerna Pharmaceuticals [Added: 9:05 pm, 3/28/10]

Doug Miller, director, Amgen

Jackie Millinor, executive coordinator, Cubist Pharmaceuticals [Added: 2:30 pm, 5/21/10]

Cheryl Milroy, human resources manager, RISI [Added: 2:30 pm, 8/15/10]

Tracy (Smith) Mitchell, senior scientist, pharmacology, Adnexus Therapeutics [Added: 3 pm, 5/21/10]

Jack Morgan, Acceleron Pharma

George Morris, director, information technology, Weld Hill Research Center & Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University [Added: 2:10 pm, 3/25/10]

John Morris, associate director, Pfizer [Added: 10:45 am, 3/25/10]

Allan Mufson, chief, cancer immunology and hematology branch, division of cancer biology, National Cancer Institute

Andrea Murphy, senior audit manager, Pfizer [Added: 6:45 pm, 10/22/10]

Kristin Murray, senior manager, global regulatory affairs, Pfizer [Added: 12:30 pm, 3/29/10]

Patricia Murtha-Riel, deceased [Added: 9:35 am, 1/24/11]

Armen Nahabedian, director, global engineering, Pfizer [Added: 7 pm, 4/2/10]

Steve Neben, senior director, project alliance and management, AnaptysBio [Added: 12:45 pm, 12/29/11]

Tammy Neben, research scientist, AnaptysBio [Added: 12:45 pm, 12/29/11]

Justin Neway, chief science officer, Aegis Analytical

Elliott Nickbarg, senior principal scientist,Merck Research Labs [Added: 11:40 am, 6/24/10]

Alexandria Niedzwiecki, legal counsel, Ab Initio Software [Added: 4:55 pm, 10/14/11]

Marie Noel, manager of employee benefits, Vertex Pharmaceuticals [Added: 2:30 pm, 8/15/10]

Marianne Nowacki, associate director of materials management, Shire Human Genetic Therapies

Gina Nugent, senior leader, The Yates Network

Pete Oakes, senior project manager, Pfizer [Added: 1:35 pm, 3/25/10]

Ellie Oberbeck, retired, former secretary to CEO Gabe Schmergel [Updated: 12:30 pm, 9/17/11]

Tom O’Brien, associate director, QA, Pfizer [Added: 2 pm, 4/2/10]

Doug Owen, drug and biologic regulatory affairs consultant

Peri Ozker, acupuncturist and owner, Peri Ozker Acupuncture [Added: 6:20 pm, 3/23/10]

Sharan Pagano, vice president of scientific alliances, Rosa Drug Development Advisors [Updated: 8:45 am, 3/9/11]

Michelle Palmer, director of screening, chemical biology, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard; president-elect, Society for Biomolecular Sciences

Annamaria Paone, drug supply manager, ArQule [Added: 1:35 pm, 10/4/10]

Gabriela Paredes, consultant, GSP Consulting

Adelene Perkins, CEO, Infinity Pharmaceuticals

Christopher Perley, vice president and general manager of Devens biologics manufacturing facility, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Julie (Manousos) Petros, ABA Special Education Assistant, Town of Andover, MA [Added: 3:40 pm, 5/3/10]

John Pettricciani, biotechnology consultant

Terri Phaneuf, lead investigator IV, APO compliance, Pfizer [Added: 10:15 am, 4/20/10]

Mike Philbrook, director, drug delivery discovery, Genzyme [Added: 5:10 pm, 3/24/10]

Ross Phillips, independent biotechnology professional

Janet Pohlod, district manager-west, Celgene

Steve Potter, associate director, facilities and supply chain operations, Baxter Bioscience [Added: 9:40 am, 1/24/11]

Bill Powers, logistics manager, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

Carolyn Pratt, executive vice president, RRD International

Mark Ptashne, molecular biologist, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Praveena Raman, senior information specialist, Elan Pharmaceuticals [Added: 12:50 pm, 3/23/10]

Bernardo Perez-Ramirez, senior scientific director, bioformulations development, Genzyme [Added: 4:30 pm, 3/24/10]

Manish Ranjitkar, quality assurance manager, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Kathy Reckendorf, senior documentation associate, Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company [Added: 6:30 pm, 3/31/10]

Christine Resmini, scientist, RXi Pharmaceuticals [Added: 1:40 pm, 10/4/10]

Richard Resnick, CEO, GenomeQuest [Added: 11:10 am, 11/22/11]

Tom Reynolds, senior director of IT, Tolerx

Troy Richards, CMC project manager, Vaccinex [Added: 4:30 pm, 3/24/10]

Rod Riedel, vice president of regulatory affairs, Momenta Pharmaceuticals

Chris Riel, director, quality assurance global compliance operations, Shire HGT [Added: 9:35 am, 1/24/11]

Cheryl Riel, senior manager, nonclinical writing, Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company [Added: 6:30 pm, 3/31/10]

Ilonna Rimm, senior vice president, director of physician consultation services, Lazard Capital Markets [Added: 2:08 pm, 3/23/10]

John Ripple, CEO, Virdante Pharmaceuticals

Jeff Robinson, head of downstream MSAT, Lonza New England Organization [Added: 2:10 pm, 4/5/10]

Susan Rogers, pharma, IT project management consultant and certified business coach [Added: 10:50 am, 3/24/10]

Eyal Ron, owner, consultant, MADASH [Added: 4:30 pm, 3/24/10]

Vicki Rosen, professor and chair, developmental biology, Harvard University School of Dental Medicine [Added: 6:20 pm, 3/23/10]

Anthony Rotunno, vice president of U.S. Microbial operations, Lonza

David Rozzell, president and CEO, Solidius Biosciences

Kim Rubin, consultant

John Ryan, chief medical officer, Cerulean Pharma

Pat Sacco, vice president of facilities and engineering technical services, acting/interim VP of manufacturing, Shire Human Genetic Therapies [Added: 6:40 pm Eastern, 9/27/10]

Cynthia Sarnoski, retired [Added: 6:40 pm, 7/23/10]

Robert Schaub, senior vice president of discovery and development, Archemix

Neil Schauer, director of DSP research and development, Millipore

Mark Schiavone, tech scientist IV, Pfizer [Added: 2:20 pm, 8/10/10]

Andrea Schievella, business manager, Cancer Research Technology

Jerry Schindler, vice president, biostatistics and research decision sciences, late development statistics, Merck Research Laboratories [Added: 2:20 pm, 3/24/10]

Gabriel Schmergel, board member, PerkinElmer, board member Tufts University Veterinary School

Holly White Schmidt, scientist, discovery protein sciences, Adnexus Therapeutics [Added: 2:30 pm, 5/21/10]

Jay Schrier, senior director, pharmaceutical development, Pacira Pharmaceuticals [Added: 5:30 pm, 3/24/10]

Ullrich Schwertschlag, chief medical officer, Attogen

Steve Scott, director of new product opportunities, GE Healthcare

Jasbir Seehra, founder and chief scientific officer, Acceleron Pharma

Susan Severance, research project manager/research associate, Oregon Health & Science University [Added: 3:10 pm, 10/7/10]

Gray Shaw, co-founder, Aarvon Biosciences

Richard Shea, chief financial officer, Momenta Pharmaceuticals

Todd Shegog, senior vice president of finance and chief financial officer, Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company

Matt Sherman, chief medical officer, Acceleron Pharma

Charles Shoemaker, professor, Division of Infectious Diseases, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine [Added: 9:45 pm, 3/22/10]

Mary Simchik, senior EH&S specialist II, Pfizer [Added: 2 pm, 4/2/10]

Martin Sinacore, associate director cell culture development, site head, Biogen Idec

Christine Soter, manager, documentation and compliance, Biogen Idec [Added: 7:05 pm, 4/12/10]

Jennifer Smith, senior director, quality, Momenta Pharmaceuticals [Added: 10:30 am, 3/26/10]

Colleen Surrette Sproul, principal, Contracts Associates [Added: 12:10 pm, 10/28/10]

Mark Stahl, director of protein engineering, global biotherapeutics technologies, Pfizer [Added: 8:20 am, 10/27/10]

Lawrence Stein, former general counsel, Wyeth

Bob Steininger, senior vice president of manufacturing, Acceleron Pharma

Neil Steinmeyer, senior research scientist II, analytical research and development, Pfizer [Added: 1 pm, 4/5/10]

Dave Stepp, principal scientist, Genzyme

David Stone, managing director, Liberty Tree Advisors

Jay Stoudemire, senior preclinical development expert

Lauri Sweeney, senior clinical trial manager, Biogen Idec [Added: 2:30 pm, 5/21/10]

Mary Switzer, senior research scientist II, Pfizer [Added: 10:30 am, 3/26/10]

Pam Szklut, principal research scientist II, Pfizer [Added: 1:45 pm, 3/25/10]

Bruce Tangarone, principle research scientist I, analytical research and development, Pfizer [Added: 6:30 pm, 3/31/10]

Scott Thies, senior director of stem cell biology, Fate Therapeutics

Gregg Timony, director of preclinical sciences, Receptos [Added: 9 am, 3/24/10]

Carol Tranfaglia, manager of clinical data development, Cell Therapeutics

Greg Tucker-Kellogg, chief technology officer, and senior director systems biology, Lilly Singapore Centre for Drug Discovery

Katherine Turner, biotechnology professional

Victor Van Cleave, vice president of research and development, Meridien Life Science

James Vath, head of discovery and development, Zafgen

Jennifer Vath, independent pharmaceuticals professional

Trudi Veldman, director of biologics generation, Abbott Bioresearch Center

Jessica Vozella, senior contract and licensing attorney, LCLS [Added: 8:10 pm, 3/2/12]

Chris Wang, senior clinical research scientist, Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics

Jack Wang, associate director, Adnexus Therapeutics

Nadine Weich, biopharmaceutical R&D professional

Jim Whalen, president, ANOVA Pharma Consultancy [Added: 3:35 pm 5/20/10]

Rick Williams, senior project manager, process transfer and manufacturing, Pfizer. Retiring April 30, 2010 [Added: 12:05 am, 4/2/10]

Mark Williamson, medical science liaison, Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company

Dwight Winters, senior scientist, Amgen [Added: 11:30 am, 6/1/10]

JoAnn Witek, senior scientist and director, cell biology, Hydra Biosciences [Added: 12:50 pm, 3/23/10]

Roslynn Witte, regional director, hematology, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals [Added: 10:30 am, 3/26/10]

Steve Wolpe, senior vice president of research, Noble Life Sciences [Updated: 1:40 pm, 10/15/11]

Gordon Wong, vice president of new ventures, Biogen Idec

Clive Wood, senior vice president and head, global biologics, Bayer Schering Pharma [Added: 9:45 pm Eastern, 3/22/10]

Becky Woodcock, manager of coagulation products, CSL Behring

Mary Beth Woodin, president at MBK Associates and Menopause Alliance [Added: 9 am, 3/24/10]

Michele (Koethe) Yetman, vice president of human resources for technology, Amazon.com

Scott Young, chief operating officer, Link Medicine [Added: 11:30 am, 11/08/10]

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  • Mark Schiavone

    This is great! Luke you really should consider making this into a Facebook page. Compared to so many folks here I’m just a puppy. Joined GI in February 1996 and I’m still here.

    Mark Schiavone
    Tech Scientist IV

  • Nancy Kaplan

    I was a systems analyst in the IT department form 1995 – 1997. Was just updating a very old resume and someone sent this along. Very cool.

    Nancy Kaplan
    City Councilor – Burlington VT

  • Christine Resmini

    Hi Luke,

    I was at GI from 1992 – 2010 (Pfizer merger). I’m now a Scientist at RXi Pharmaceuticals. Please add me to your list.


  • Rosemarie Currier

    This is wonderful! I’m so happy that we can all come together here and share the GI/Wyeth Experience. I started at GI in 1992 working for Bruce Eisen and Larry Stein and lived through the many changes until I was laid off in 2008. Now I’m happy to say that I’m back at a company, EnerNOC, Inc., that reminds me so much of GI, young, entrepreneurial, energetic. Please add me to the list:

    Rosemarie Currier, Contract Administrator
    EnerNOC, Inc.
    101 Federal Street, Suite 1100
    Boston, MA 02110

    And Dale, I look at your calendar everyday and enjoy your talent!

  • Pat Sacco

    Great article. I was at GI from 1987-1999 and enjoyed every minute.

    I am at Shire Human Genetic Therapies. I am the Vice President Facilities & Engineering Technical Services (presently acting/interim VP Manufacturing).


  • Annamaria Paone

    This brings back great memories- I am proud to have been a part of such a dynamic company. I worked at GI from 1987 to 2008.

    I am currently a Drug Supply Manager at ArQule, a small biotech company which shares a lot of the GI culture and energy.

    Please add me to your list.

  • Christine Resmini

    Hi Luke,

    I was at GI from 1992 – 2010 (Pfizer merger). I’m now a Scientist at RXi Pharmaceuticals. Please add me to your list.


  • The spirit of the GI alumni group really amazes me. I hope I’ve gotten everybody’s names updated in the story, but frankly, it’s hard to keep up with all the requests. If I’ve forgotten to add your name to the list, try me again at ltimmerman@xconomy.com.

  • Susan Severance, MPH

    Hello from the West Coast – Portland to be exact!

    It’s Susan Severance, Genetics Institute, Manager, Preclinical Scientific Writing (1997-2000+).

    You’ll have to excuse and indulge my need to connect with the amazing Preclinical team that we had when I was in Andover from 1997-2000+ (with the help of telecommunications magic and Glenn Larson’s approval of my consulting arrangement across the country).

    Glenn Larson: Just read over that performance appraisal from you from the past. Still can’t believe WAR took our tracking database and ran with it & zero issues on the GLP Archive audit – those were the days! I remember flying to upper state NY to present on the database and afterwards WAR called me a “champion” in the industry. I felt uncomfortable with that terminology. Now it’s a standard project management term everywhere.

    Bob Schaub: No, I still don’t want to visit Japan. Played any golf lately – I sold the trophy (1/2 horse) at a garage sale this Spring for $5. And yes – facial hair is big out West! Still using that cleaning solution on the white board – any complaints from the EPA?

    Page Bouchard: I’m living the dream in academia at Oregon Health & Science University. We have a tram that goes up the hill where we are located, and an amazing long suspension sky bridge that connects OHSU to the VA – it’s an engineering feat – something to behold. I’ve seen bald eagles fly level with me on that bridge – two at the same time!!

    Abbie Celniker: What can I say – you are still my mentor – an amazing role model for women in science. Love remembering all the deep, technical bioassay validation discussions we had – even those when you were home with the kids fed and put to bed, and I was calling you from work!

    Lori Crane: Hey girl – still cranking out the submissions? I remember your great loyalty and sense of humor that got us through each submission on time. Any naps lately in the GLP Archive cave?

    Cheryl Riel: Hey girl – I see that you are still preclinically minded – congrats – another member of our amazing team! Been to any race tracks lately? Have the dog(s) been behaving – not eating the furniture/ doors, etc?

    Steve Potter: I still have the amethyst rock crystal that you gave me. It’s on my desk now. I cherish all of our talks around the trout pond. You really gave me such confidence in my abilities when we were at Biogen together and then again at GI. Your appreciation of my aseptic/sterile techniques in my days in micro was such a boost to a young twenty something year old female in the industry. How’s the rescue league, and how many greyhounds do you have at home now?

    Others and All: There are many that touched my life in those amazing days; together we accomplished miracles in science. We moved so fast, but it was all calculated – innovation at its best. The energy I felt during that time period has never been surpassed. Thank you for one of the highlights of my life. It was truly great to have been a part of the biotech glory days with you ….

    Susan Severance, MPH
    Research Project Manager, Research Associate
    Oregon Health & Science University
    School of Medicine
    Department of Internal Medicine & Geriatrics
    503-220-8262, ext. 54108

  • Mark Stahl

    Hi Luke,

    Thanks for writing this great article. I joined GI in January of 1984 and still have fond memories of those early days in the old “Lying-in” hospital on Longwood Ave. After 26 years and 2 changes in ownership, I am now Director of Protein Engineering, Global Biotherapeutics Technologies, Pfizer.



  • Charlene (Quinto) DeClercq

    Hi Luke,

    I joined GI preclinical in 1992 and have been through the Wyeth then Pfizer mergers.

    I am currently a Senior Research Scientist in the Inflammation & Immunology department at Pfizer.

    Please add me to the list!!

  • Lynette Fouser

    Hi Luke –

    Thanks for your article about GI. I joined GI in June 1987. Twenty three years later, I’m still working on CPD as a Principal Research Scientist II in the Inflammation and Immunology RU within Pfizer’s Biotherapeutics Research and Development.

    Please add me to the list.

    Thanks much

  • Chris Riel


    I’ve been following this article for a while now and do have some updates for you.

    I was at GI (Wyeth/Pfizer) from 1988 until the spring of 2010. I recently started at Shire HGT as Director, QA Global Compliance Operations.

    I was married to Patricia Murtha-Riel (Murtha) who was also an employee of GI(Wyeth) from 1982 until her un-timely death in 2003. This information should be made available for anyone looking for Patty.

    Thanks for keeping this updated.


  • Hi Luke,

    I was at Genetics Institute from 1993 to 2003, and know many many people on the list.

    I am now Head of Biological Sciences at Neurotech

    Please add me if you have the chance!
    Vincent Ling

  • Vincent, thanks for writing, you’ve been added to the list. I caught up and added a few others this morning while I was at it. –Luke

  • Toni LaPorte

    Hi Luke,

    I was at GI from 1992 to 1996 in Clinical Data Management – GI was a special place to work. I am now a Vendor Manager at Biogen Idec. Love it if you would add me to the list.

    Toni LaPorte

  • April Case

    I worked in SMDD from 1993-1997 in Jim Clark’s lab. I have many fond memories of Bolton St even those darn unisex bathrooms whose locks always got stuck. I’m at Sirtris Pharma now.

  • Nice to hear about a lot of people with whom I worked from 1984 to 2002.
    I retired then for two years, then went back to work as a contractor at Acceleron Pharma where a lot of former GI people are working, to name a few, John Knopf, Ravi Kumar, Dianne Sako, Kathy Tomkinson,
    Bob Steininger, Tod Marvell and more!
    I too loved my time at GI, where basic research mattered and was supported by Gabe, our CEO

  • Kudos for putting this together. My years with GI rank at the top of my best work experience list. The positive support Gabe provided was amazing. I never minded that the legal department offices were next to the boiler room. Cheers, Luann

  • Adel Bakhtyari

    Hi luke
    I was at GI from 1987 to 1993. This was my first real job and had Great experince working with great bunch of people. We ( Mike Recny, Yangkil Kim, and Michael Brenner ) were among the first scientists transitioning from Cambridge into Andover. I am Ver proud to be a part of GI history. I am currently a senior analytical Scientist at Paratek Pharmaceuticals.
    Best Wishes.

  • Bruce Eisen

    Luke–Wonderful job in creating and maintaining this list. Please add my name.
    I was GI’s Vice President and Chief Patent Counsel and later consulted for GI, Wyeth, Pfizer and others concerning IP.
    Am now retired.
    Keep up the good work!


  • Thank you for creating and maintaing this list. Please add my name.

    Ellie Oberbeck

  • Eleanor Oberbeck


    Plese do not add my email address to the message I just sent to you. thank you,

    Ellie Oberbeck

  • Ellie—no worries, you’ve been added to the list. Luke

  • Ellie Oberbeck

    Are you going to add my description of working at GI?

  • Hi GI’ers—-many of you have surely noticed since I announced it earlier this week, but I’ve decided to go a step beyond this article by organizing a reunion event for GI alumni. We’re bringing together the two scientific founders—Maniatis and Ptashne–along with Gabe Schmergel for a great event that will both look back at what was special about GI and shine a light on what the alumni are doing today. All the details, including how to register for this event on Dec. 14, are at the link below. I hope to see quite a few of you there.


  • Steve Wolpe

    Hi Luke – I’m on the list but have a new position as Sr. VP Research, Noble Life Sciences in Maryland. I’d love to make it in Dec, depending on my schedule. Thanks! – Steve

  • Steve—I updated your title above. Hope you can make it. —Luke

  • Mary Antoinette Jackson

    I worked at Genetics Institute from 1995 onward, through both the Wyeth and Pfizer buy-outs until late 2010. I am currently in Global Information Services at Vertex Pharmaceuticals. Please add me when you have a chance. Thank you. ~Mary

  • Divya Chaudhary

    Hi Luke-
    I am GI alum as well and plan to be at the Dec event this year.
    I worked with Clive Wood, Andy Long, Lori Fitz, Paul Burgess in the early years, started in Katherine Turner’s group, that evolved to be Mary Collins’ Inflammation and Immunology group. Left Pfizer earlier this year and since then am a Consultant and Biopharmaceutical Writer. Currently at Nimbus Discovery, an Atlas Venture funded start up (reminds me of the GI time – the energy and momentum).
    Hope to see you and everyone soon. Please add me to the group.

  • Bernadine Blacknall Kirkland

    Hi Luke,
    I E-mailed you back in 2010 to be added to the list. I worked as L. Patrick Gage’s Executive Assistant for 7 years! Pat and I have kept in touch and I’m delighted to see so many GI folks. I’ve been here at Millennium for the past 3 years. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.

  • Bernadine—thanks for the update, I’ve updated your entry on the list. See you there Dec. 14—Luke

  • Mary Antointte—thanks for the note, you’ve been added to the list above—Luke

  • Divya—thanks very much for the comment. You’ve been added to the list. I’ll keep an eye on Nimbus Discovery.

    Can you encourage some of your former colleagues, if they aren’t listed, to leave a comment on this post or send me an e-mail at ltimmerman@xconomy.com so I can let the GI alumni know where they are?


  • Tom Salati

    Hi Luke,

    Wow – you did a great job with this! I started with GI in 1987 in Cambridge, working with Dale Cumming in Carbohydrate Chemistry. I am now with Pfizer (former GI/Wyeth) in Andover, working as a Sr. QA Compliance Manager. Looking forward to the upcoming reunion in Malden on Nov 18. Please add me to the list.


  • Luke, sorry we missed the big GI Alumni event but the rave reviews have been coming in. If you are still updating the alumni list please add Tammy and I to it:
    Steve Neben, Genetics Institute Staff Scientist, Hematopoiesis, 1991-1998, currently Senior Director, Project and Alliance Management, AnaptysBio, San Diego
    Tammy Neben, Genetics Institute Research Associate, Hematopoiesis, 1991-1998, currently Research Scientist, Cell Biology, AnaptysBio, San Diego

  • Steve—absolutely, just added you and Tammy to the list. –Luke

  • Sharleen Miele

    Hi Luke,
    Please add my name to your GI alumni list. I started with GI in 1989 as a Quality Control analyst. I am current working for Pfizer as a Quality Project Lead.


  • Hi Luke.
    This was a great article. I worked at GI from 1996-2002 as a contracts attorney. The culture was dynamic and the people were bright, energetic and cooperative. I am proud to say that I am still in touch with many of the people I worked with while at GI. Please add me to your listof GI alumni:
    Jessica Vozella, Esq.

    Thanks so much, Luke for keeping us all in touch!

  • Michelle Oxner

    Hi Luke,

    Thank you for the article! It was so nice to see all the names I recognize from so long ago.. I started at G.I. in 1989 working as a temp in the mailroom and soon worked my way up to the clinical supply chain organizatio at Pfizer. I would love to be added to the list as many of the folks at G.I. are what made me who I am today and I am so thankful for such an incredible experiance.



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  • Lisa Strader

    Hi Luke,

    It’s always nice to see where others have gone. I was at GI from ’92-’93 and again from ’95-’99 working first with Small Molecule Drug Discovery group then with DiscoverEase. I’m a Senior Epidemiologist and Program Manager at RTI International in Research Triangle Park, NC. Cheers!