The Greater Boston Mobile Cluster Quiz

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Note to readers, August 27, 10:20 pm: Since our site was down for virtually the entire day, we are leaving the quiz open over the weekend. Instead of posting the results on Friday, August 28 as planned, we will post them the following Monday.

Boston is home to one of the country’s top clusters of mobile technology companies. Depending on who you listen to, or how you count, it’s either number one or number two (just before or just before after the Bay Area—but don’t tell folks in San Diego or Seattle). However, you count it, the field is big—and growing. We’ve looked at the Boston mobile cluster in several stories—here and here—and we held a forum on The Future of Mobile Innovation in New England in April that brought together many of the region’s mobile leaders. We even posted our Mobile Innovation Showcase that, well, showcases New England mobile companies. Now, a few months down the road, we thought it would be fun to test how much you’ve absorbed about this important cluster.

For folks who have been reading my occasional X Factor quizzes on the venture industry, I promise I have not become a total quizmaster. But I do have fun with these little tests of knowledge—and hope you do, too.

Virtually all the data in this quiz comes from Mobile Monday Boston, and a lot of it is already on their site (so go ahead and cheat if you want). But we’ve added a few more details from MoMoBoston coordinator Kate Imbach and our own files. As you take the quiz, remember that mobile technology covers everything from hardware (such as handsets or even batteries) to applications to voice services and mobile advertising.

With that bit of background, let’s get started. I’ll have the answers and hopefully a bit of perspective tomorrow.

Question No. 1

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Question No. 2

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Question No. 3

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Question No. 4

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Question No. 5

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Remember, answers and some context and commentary tomorrow.

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