Web Startup fixR Picks Boston as Ground Zero for Contractor Marketplace

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Trymedia Systems, a San Francisco-based provider of secure distribution of PC games, which was sold for $34 million in 2005 to digital entertainment firm Macrovision, headquartered in Santa Clara, CA. He now runs fixR from offices in Alicante, Spain, and Barcelona. The company’s co-founder and president, Arvin Abarca, is a Barcelona-area entrepreneur who previously held posts at firms such as European online job board InfoJobs International. Torrubia notes Abarca’s expertise in online job search market was key in the creation of fixR.

(Editor’s note: Information was added to the above paragraph to amplify the description of how  fixR co-founder Abarca played a key role in the formation of the startup and to clarify that the company operates from offices in both Alicante and Barcelona. When first posted, the story did not note that fixR has an office in Barcelona.)

Abarca, Torrubia, and a Spanish angel investor are funding fixR. It’s possible the company would move to the U.S. after it closes a round of venture capital, but Torrubia would not reveal the company’s specific financing plans. He says that his earlier company, Trymedia, attracted investments from Intel Capital and Dot Edu Ventures. (Macrovision reportedly sold the Trymedia business to Seattle-based gaming firm RealNetworks last year for $4 million.)

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