A123 Systems Co-founder Confirms Lucky 8 Influenced Timing of IPO Filing

Turns out our hunch was correct. On Friday, Watertown, MA-based maker of advanced batteries A123 Systems filed for its long-anticipated IPO. Since the filing came on August 8, 2008—an exceedingly lucky date, according to Chinese numerology—and because A123 has big operations in China and was co-founded by Taiwan-born MIT professor Yet-Ming Chiang, we speculated that the timing might be meaningful.

I pinged a company official on Friday to try to see if numerology had indeed played a role in the filing, but received no word back at the time. After my story ran, though, I heard from Chiang, who confirmed the basic theory—but revealed that A123 availed itself of a couple more lucky eights than I had guessed.

As Chiang e-mailed: “It was not a coincidence that the ‘send’ button was pushed at 8:08am on 8/8/08, although I wasn’t the one who did it!”

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