Liberal VCs, (More) Conservative CEOs: A Who’s Who of Presidential Campaign Donors in the Boston Innovation Community

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Contributions by Leading Massachusetts Technology and Life Sciences CEOs:

Joseph Alsop, CEO, Progress Software
John McCain, D, $2,300
Barack Obama , D, $2,300 *

Joshua Boger, CEO, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Barack Obama, D, $4,600

Marijn Dekkers, CEO, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Christopher Dodd, D, $2,300

Robert Keane, CEO, VistaPrint
Barack Obama , D, $2,300

Paul Ricci, CEO, Nuance Communications
Barack Obama, D, $2,300

Paul Sagan, CEO, Akamai Technologies
Hillary Clinton, D, $1,000
Bill Richardson, D, $500

Robert Shillman, CEO, Cognex

Rudolph Giuliani, R, $2,300
Mitt Romney, R, $2,300
John McCain, R, $1,040
Fred Thompson, R, $1,000

Henricus Termeer, CEO, Genzyme
John McCain, R, $2,300

James Tobin**, CEO, Boston Scientific
Mitt Romney, R, $2,300
John McCain, R, $2,300

Joseph Tucci, CEO, EMC
John McCain, R, $2,300,
Mitt Romney, R, $2,300,
Christopher Dodd, D, $2,300

Ron Zwanziger, CEO, Inverness Medical Innovations
Barack Obama, D, $2,300
Bill Richardson, D, $2,300

* Alsop’s Obama donation was from “J Alsop, Businessman , Progress,” with the same street address as his McCain donation.

** Only Tobin’s Romney donation listed his Boston Scientific affiliation. But the names, middle initials, and cities of residence were the same in both listings.

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