We, Robot: The Greater Boston Robotics Cluster

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Brooks Automation
Chelmsford, MA
Automation of semiconductor manufacturing, such as ultra-clean loading and unloading of wafers. Also develops products in RFID tracking and sensors.

Caliper Life Sciences
Hopkinton, MA
Automation of liquid handling and microfluidics for laboratories and industrial applications.

Dangel Robots & Machinery
Bedford, MA
Industrial robots for welding and sorting objects such as semiconductor wafers. Founded in 1987.

East Freetown, MA
Robots that use wheels and grippers to move around and inspect pipes with on-board cameras.

Energid Technologies
Cambridge, MA
Robot control and simulation software and machine-vision algorithms for space robots and defense applications.

FIRST (For Inspiration & Recognition of Science & Technology)
Manchester, NH
Founded by Dean Kamen in 1989, FIRST is a public charity that runs high-profile robotics competitions for schoolchildren and seeks to inspire young people to become science and technology leaders.

Waltham, MA
Mobile ground robots for monitoring, reconnaisance, and other defense applications. The company is a subsidiary of QinetiQ North America.

Harmonic Drive Technologies
Peabody, MA
Robotic hardware, such as actuators and gearheads for motion control and mechanical power transmission.

Pocasset, MA
Autonomous robot submarines (underwater vehicles) for mine sweeping and other defense and security applications. Founded in 2001.

Interactive Motion Technologies
Cambridge, MA
Powered braces for robot-assisted therapy of elbow, wrist, and shoulder joints.

Burlington, MA
Best known for its robotic vacuum cleaners and military packbots. An MIT spinoff and public company since November 2005.

Kiva Systems
Woburn, MA
Mobile robots for storing, moving and sorting products. Automated moving shelves help warehouses fill orders more efficiently.

Amherst, NH
Unmanned ground vehicles for surveillance and security, and helper bots for the home.

Boston, MA
Medical robotics, in particular a powered upper arm brace that helps stroke patients make arm movements.

Nascent Technology
Lexington, MA
Autonomous mini-helicopter, gliders, and control software for coordinating vehicles.

Q Robotics
Groton, MA
Low-cost, autonomous robots for consumer applications, from the co-inventors of the iRobot Roomba.

Waltham, MA
The defense technology giant acquired Salt Lake City, UT-based Sarcos last November. Sarcos develops robot hardware, actuators, powered exoskeletons, and control software.

Robotics Trends
Framingham, MA
Online portal covers the robotics community and produces Robotrends and Robobusiness conferences.

Smart Robots
Dalton, MA
Mobile robot platforms and robotic arms. Pushing the idea of using Internet-based software plug-ins for robot platforms to do household tasks.

Cambridge, MA
Self-deploying robotic bridge and other advanced soldier systems.

Vecna Robotics
Cambridge, MA
Develops ground robots for military applications and eventually home use. Designed the BEAR (Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot) for military recovery and rescue. A division of Vecna Technologies, based in College Park, MD, the Cambridge lab also does basic research on robot dynamics and machine learning.

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