How Massachusetts Gets Her Groove Back


Editor’s note: Massachusetts, in the eyes of Highland Capital Partners co-founder and general partner Paul Maeder, has three problems with its startup engine. That’s okay, because Maeder has three solutions.

Maeder outlined both the problems and the solutions in a talk at the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council’s annual meeting on Feb. 27—providing a slide-by-slide analysis of the Bay State and how it can best compete with archrival California. He didn’t write up the talk, which brought to light several factors that have often gone undiscussed or at least are under appreciated in all the recent arguments and angst surrounding the Massachusetts vs. Silicon Valley question. But he agreed to share his PowerPoint.

Here’s a quick peek at what it contains:

Problem No. 1: California Always Outperforms Massachusetts
Problem No. 2: Is Everyone in the Game? (Hint: Think Harvard and this piece by Xconomist Chris Gabrieli)
Problem No. 3: What’s Government Doing?

You’ll have to view Maeder’s presentation to get the solutions.

Maeder, who also addressed much the same subject at Xconomist Vinit Nijhawan’s recent workshop on Exploring Regional Venture Capital Models, welcomes your views in the comments section below.

Paul Maeder is a co-founder and general partner at Highland Capital Partners in Lexington, MA. Follow @

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