The Greater Boston Internet Video Cluster

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EnjoyMyMedia Concord, MA
Software that allows consumers to “broadcast” videos and other content stored in specified folders on their home computers. (Profile)

EveryZing Cambridge, MA
Speech-to-text transcription facilitating more accurate video search on large multimedia content sites and exposing the content of these sites to search engines. (Profile 1, profile 2)

ExtendMedia Newton, MA
Platforms for creation, management, and delivery of online video, including desktop media players and systems for inserting fresh advertising in older content.

Gotuit Woburn, MA
Software that helps content owners tag video content with extensive metadata, enabling video search and navigation, targeted advertising, and personalized video remixing.

Hobnox Boston, MA
Publishing platform for interactive, documentary-style videos by independent producers. (Profile)

iMoonDo Somerville, MA
Real-time and recorded video classified ads.

LocaModa Cambridge, MA
Interactive video displays for out-of-home environments, manipulated via the Web and mobile phones. (Profile)

Maven Networks Cambridge, MA
Software for creating, managing, publishing, and syndicating Internet video, including tools for inserting various types of advertising; recently acquired by Yahoo. (News item)

MediaSilo Boston, MA
Web-based tools that help production teams centrally manage video assets and launch Web TV channels.

Nellymoser Arlington, MA
On-demand video and other rich media for mobile phones.

OurStage Boston, MA
Community website where members vote for videos and music uploaded by independent musicians. (News item)

Participatory Culture Foundation Worcester, MA
Publishes Miro, a free open-source video player that connects to free Internet video channels and plays video files in any format.

PeerApp Newton, MA
Caching servers for peer-to-peer video content, reducing the burden of P2P traffic on Internet service providers. (Profile)

PermissionTV Waltham, MA
Consumer-focused online video player platform with interactive features such as polls, playlists, RSS feeds, blogging, tagging, and e-mail-to-a-friend; hosted content distribution.

SeaChange Acton, MA
Software and hardware for digital video storage and streaming; ad insertion for broadband, broadcast, and on-demand video distributors.

ScanScout Boston, MA
Software that creates new ad inventory for online video publishers by placing relevant ads within or alongside videos.

Veveo Andover, MA
“Incremental search” software for quickly discovering Web video content from Internet-connected devices such as phones, game consoles, TVs, and personal media players. (Profile)

Visible Measures Boston, MA
Software that collects data for publishers and advertisers on the behavior of Internet video audiences—measuring, for example, where viewers stop or replay online videos. (Profile)

WheelsTV Acton, MA
More than 30 channels of free Internet video focused on cars and the automotive industry; also offers “video test drives” for car dealerships. (Profile)

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