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Entry Author Date Location
Checkmate Pharmaceuticals Obtains $20,000,000 Series A Round 08/13/15 Boston
CRISPR Tx Adds Former McKinsey, Pfizer Execs to Management Team 08/12/15 Boston
2015 Inaugural Pfizer Lecture 08/12/15 Boston
Asterand Buys AdeptBio to Capitalize on Precision Medicine’s Rise 08/12/15 Detroit Ann Arbor
Dr. Frances Kelsey: American Hero, Government Regulator 08/12/15 National
Moving on From Sarepta, Krieg Lands at Cancer Startup Checkmate Pharma 08/12/15 Boston
Epion Health Receives $2,000,000 New Funding Round 08/12/15 Boston
coUrbanize Garners $701,157 New Funding 08/12/15 Boston
Clinical Trial Innovation Prize Backs Ideas Using Health Records, Apps 08/11/15 Wisconsin
DataGravity Rollout Shows Security Seeping Into New Layers of Tech 08/11/15 Boston
QD Vision Garners $6,604,866 New Round 08/11/15 Boston
Sentien Biotechnologies Obtains Series A Funding 08/11/15 Boston
Nantero Secures $9,392,020 New Funding 08/11/15 Boston
How to Build a Smarter Water Cooler: The Bevi Story 08/10/15 Boston
Why San Diego Is Better than Silicon Valley for AI Startups 08/10/15 San Diego
CRISPR Race Heats Up As Gates, Crossovers Put $120M Into Editas 08/10/15 Boston
Coursera, UC San Diego Use MOOCs to Make Workers More Job-Ready 08/10/15 San Diego
Editas Medicine Garners $120,000,000 New Funding 08/10/15 Boston
Lemonade Lab Lands $5,800,000 New Financing 08/10/15 Boston
East Coast Biotech Roundup: PrecisionFDA, Avitide, Foresight & More 08/07/15 Boston
Boston Tech Tidbits: CashStar, Ditto Labs, EMC, Jibo 08/07/15 Boston
Avitide Gets $7.6M More to Purify Complex Biologics 08/06/15 Boston
Credit Suisse Banker Takes on CFO Role at Merrimack 08/06/15 Boston
Jibo Lands $11,000,000 Series A Financing Round 08/06/15 Boston
Avitide Secures Series C Financing 08/06/15 Boston
Epizyme Switches CEOs as Synageva’s Bazemore Steps in For Gould 08/05/15 Boston
FDA Taps DNAnexus to Build Platform for Crowdsourcing Diagnostics 08/05/15 National
Stock Options—a Golden Ticket? 08/05/15 Boston Obtains $3,400,000 New Round 08/05/15 Boston
LogicSource Lands $1,282,500 New Financing Round 08/05/15 Boston
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