Xconomy Poll: As the Holiday Shopping Season Starts, Is Kindle Must-Buying?

It’s featured on Amazon’s home page, and the star-power testimony behind it runs from Toni Morrison to Michael Lewis. But is Amazon’s new e-book reader, Kindle, produced with Cambridge company E Ink’s “electronic paper” technology, a winner? Will it really transform the way people consume literature? At $399 for the reader and $9.99 a book, Xconomy’s Wade Roush says it falls short of the mark.

With the holiday shopping season officially underway, and the staff reeling from over-consumption, we couldn’t resist putting up a poll to find out how readers feel. The choices are: “stick with paper,” “wait for a big price drop,” “and buy it now.” The early returns favor paper. But we’d like to hear from more of you. You can find the poll on the lower right portion of all Xconomy pages.

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