Robotic FX Contract Set Aside, IRobot Says

Looks like iRobot has caught a break in its effort to stop Robotic FX from selling its Negotiator robots, as the Burlington, MA-based company announced moments ago that the Army has set aside a $279.9 million contract awarded to its rival in September.

IRobot contends in two ongoing lawsuits against Robotic FX that the Negotiator is a knock-off of iRobot’s PackBot. In a press release about its Q3 financials, iRobot just announced: “On October 23, 2007, we were informed by the U.S. Army that it has taken corrective action in response to our bid protest including setting aside the award to Robotic FX Inc. and conducting a reassessment to Robotic FX’s responsibility to perform the xBot contract in light of information now in the possession of the contracting officer. We will continue to aggressively work to ensure that our interests are protected.” We have calls in to various sources and will post again as soon as we find out more.

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