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Headquarters: Cambridge, MA
Year Launched: 2005
Founder: Chris Marstall

Tourfilter helps music fans track their favorite bands. Members can create calendars of upcoming shows, see their own calendars and their friends’ calendars together, listen to MP3 and RealAudio tracks by their bands, browse music blog posts by band, and get show alerts via e-mail, RSS, or iCal. “We used to miss too many shows—we’d hear about them after tickets they sold out, or worse, read about them in the Globe the day after,” the founders write in the site. “So we wrote a program to download all the area club listings daily, search for bands we liked, then send out email.” Rolling Stone said Tourfilter “could become the Craiglist of the concert-info world,” and the site was nominated for a 2007 Webby Award in the music category. … Next Page »

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