Boston: The Hidden Hub of Music and Technology

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Headquarters: Boston, MA
Year Launched: 2001
CEO: Panos Panay
Funding: backed by Edison Venture Fund

Sonicbids is a website that helps bands and people who book or license music connect with one another. Over 120,000 bands are registered with the site, as well as 10,000 music promoters responsible for scheduling musicians for venues as diverse as music festivals like South by Southwest, cruise ships, restaurants, museums, wineries, and video game soundtracks. Bands pay a fee to upload electronic press kits, which Sonicbids shares with promoters (who also pay a fee). “We’re not a matchmaker, in terms of proactively putting musicians and promoters together, but we provide a platform and a marketplace,” says CEO Panos Panay. “It’s up to them to make the connection.” Nearly a quarter of Sonicbids’ user base is outside the United States, according to Panay. … Next Page »

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