Boston: The Hidden Hub of Music and Technology

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Headquarters: Chelmsford, MA
Year Launched: 2007
CEO: Ben Campbell

OurStage is like YouTube meets MTV, with voting. Bands submit their music videos to one of about 20 channels separated by genre. Members of the site listen to “battles” between bands—pairs of music clips—and the winners of each battle ascend in the overall rankings. The top bands in each channel ultimately compete for a monthly $5,000 grand prize.

To keep the judging from turning into a pure popularity contest—where highly ranked bands tend to get more popular, because they’re the only ones that get noticed—OurStage has developed two patent-pending algorithms that mix up the content to be judged in each channel. Each video in a channel is guaranteed equal exposure across many user sessions. … Next Page »

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  • J Mark Inman

    This is all true, as a Boston area musician, I can say that there are much more opportunities here for musicians than most anywhere else. I believe Boston has the most shows than any other city on any given night. The technology is also very true, with MIT, etc. however, it is a very tough business to be in. I own a record label and just released an album for the band theINFORMATI And we believe it will explode because of the Boston/Cambridge scene.

  • Reed Sturtevant

    Don’t forget Tourfilter, the most popular concert notification service:

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  • gary

    In addition to Tourfilter, there’s also and Boston appears to be a concert tracking hub!

  • Kyle

    In terms of local area software companies with some sort of music/media technology, there also is Peermeta ( in Acton with a mobile content / Web 2.0 twist.

  • Michael Howe

    So it seem like after Venue Czar conquers Vermont, they should target Boston? Venue Czar is the ultimate localized online booking platform.

  • Nabeel Hyatt

    You could add us to this list as soon as we’re out of stealth mode. (

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  • Paul Kamp

    Backbone Networks is another local company in this space. We provide internet radio automation systems and is the system behind the IBS Student Radio Network. There are over 30 station on the network and a number of them are local including:

    Simmons College
    New England Art Institute
    Babson College

    Separately, a non-profit start up is the Public Radio Exchange in Cambridge. They are the online clearinghouse for Public Radio content.

  • Glen Peladeau

    New England has a great recource of musicians who have many opportunites and folks who are ready to help them with their careers. The cites Boston, Providence & Worcester all offer great venues and support services.

  • Derek

    I’m from the Boston area and am in the process of creating a music promotion website, Artistir. It’s not just for local musicians or bands either, but we’re steadily getting more and more.

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  • Mason

    Thanks for this, I just finished my AD in programming after working as a sound engineer for the last 7-8 years so I really appreciate the compilation of these companies because I want to eventually work writing audio software.