Patent Reform Will Stifle Innovation


I believe the proposed patent reform act would stifle innovation, which already has many hurdles to overcome, particularly in the earliest stages (when foundational patents are filed). To arbitrarily limit damages and to make it easier to challenge patents shifts the balance further in favor of large companies and lowers the incentive of innovators and technology licensing offices at universities to file and support patents that could have an impact on healthcare, the environment and quality of life. I have heard that there are different views between biotech and information technology “innovators” on this subject and am curious if anyone from the technology (start-up or academic innovator) side can give his/her perspective. I understand how this could be helpful to large companies but how is this helpful to innovation?

Daphne Zohar is the co-founder and CEO of PureTech, a Boston-based life sciences firm focused on translating academic innovation into commercial success. Follow @daphnezohar

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