Victor McElheny

A science journalist since Sputnik went up in 1957, Victor McElheny has covered such different topics as science in Antarctica for The Charlotte Observer, science and politics in Europe for Science magazine, the Apollo moon missions for the Boston Globe, Silicon Valley and biotechnology for the New York Times, and has focused on molecular biology since the early 1960s. After doing biographies of Edwin Land of Polaroid and James Watson of DNA fame, he's now engaged in a history of the human genome project for Basic Books in New York. He was founding director of Banbury Center at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and of the Knight Science Journalism Fellowships at MIT.

    Recent posts

  • Organizing For Aging—An Investment Imperative

    Starting now, venture capitalists should reflect on an opportunity that probably occupies them very little.

    They know they are in the medical progress business, having financed numerous hard-won successes in developing... Read more »

  • Age of Surprise

    For about 500 years, it seems that we’ve been living in an era of permanent surprise, of unanticipated discoveries like Columbus’ landfall in what he thought was an outpost of China.... Read more »

  • Personalized Medicine—A Tall Mountain

    Despite an avalanche of new genomic information, the slope upward to applying it widely in medicine looks steep. This picture was laid out bluntly by biology pioneers Walter Gilbert and George... Read more »

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