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PatientPop Garners $9,034,998 New Financing Round 11/20/15 San Diego
Townsquared Obtains $5,260,000 New Financing 11/20/15 San Francisco
Le Tote Secures $15,000,000 Series B Funding 11/20/15 San Francisco
twoXAR Garners $3,400,000 Seed Round 11/20/15 San Francisco
Salk Recruits Nobel Laureate Liz Blackburn as First Woman President 11/19/15 San Diego
Join Xconomy for an Unconference and Reception Dec. 10 11/19/15 Detroit Ann Arbor
Agenda Posted: Xconomy’s Bay Area Life Science Disruptors On Dec. 10 11/19/15 San Francisco
Newcomers Help Fuel Rise of Raleigh’s Startup Community 11/19/15 Raleigh Durham
Ex-Sanofi CEO Gets $600M to Drug Hunt With Boston Pharma 11/19/15 Boston
Waving White Flag, Celladon Merges With Rare Disease Co. Eiger Bio 11/19/15 San Diego
MI Apps Make Splash in Mobileys, & Other Recent Tech News 11/19/15 Detroit Ann Arbor
Slowing the Global Spread of Climate-Sensitive Infectious Diseases 11/19/15 Seattle
Can Edtech Turn Post-Millennials Into News Junkies? Newsela’s Trying 11/19/15 San Francisco
5 Life Tips From Xconomy’s Healthcare Summit 2015 11/19/15 Boston
ArtBinder Obtains $1,000,000 New Financing 11/19/15 New York
Nuvolo Lands $2,000,000 Seed Funding Round 11/19/15 New York
CARD Receives $9,000,000 New Round 11/19/15 San Diego
Connectivity Obtains $4,615,078 New Financing Round 11/19/15 San Diego
Opanga Networks Lands $2,817,000 New Funding 11/19/15 Seattle
OpenHouse Secures $13,500,000 Series A Financing Round 11/19/15 San Diego
MyHealthTeams Obtains $5,030,665 New Round 11/19/15 San Francisco
PresenceLearning Garners $25,000,000 Series C Financing Round 11/19/15 San Francisco
TuringSense Secures $3,000,000 Seed Funding 11/19/15 San Francisco
Hoodline Secures $1,600,000 New Round 11/19/15 San Francisco
ClearCare Garners New Funding Round 11/19/15 San Francisco
MindTickle Receives $12,500,000 Series A Funding 11/19/15 San Francisco
Oak Labs Lands $4,100,000 Seed Round 11/19/15 New York
Salido Secures $2,000,000 Seed Financing Round 11/19/15 New York
Fractyl Laboratories Garners $57,000,000 Series C Funding Round 11/19/15 Boston
Mimecast, Square IPOs Disappoint in Challenging Environment for Tech 11/18/15 Boston
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