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Entry Author Date Location
Phantom Cyber Receives $2,700,000 Seed Funding 04/15/15 San Francisco
WorldViz Lands Series A Round 04/15/15 San Diego
TreSensa Secures $1,999,985 New Funding Round 04/15/15 New York
Cidara Therapeutics Garners $76,800,000 New Round 04/15/15 San Diego
Oligomerix Obtains $400,000 New Funding Round 04/15/15 New York
GreenLancer Obtains $5,000,000 Series B Financing Round 04/15/15 Detroit
NSS Labs Garners $10,000,000 New Financing Round 04/15/15 Texas
Hygieia Lands $675,000 New Funding 04/15/15 Detroit
Sprig Lands $45,000,000 Series B Financing Round 04/15/15 San Francisco
Skycatch Secures $5,000,000 New Financing Round 04/15/15 San Francisco
WPP Acquires Medialets for Undisclosed Sum 04/15/15 New York
Benchling Lands $5,000,000 New Round 04/15/15 San Francisco
Aduro BioTech Obtains $119,000,000 New Funding 04/15/15 San Francisco
FinalCode Secures New Financing Round 04/15/15 San Francisco
Join Us May 6 at the Hutch to Discuss Seattle Biotech’s Wild Ride 04/14/15 Seattle
Massachusetts Healthcare, Internet Companies Lead Pack in VC Chase 04/14/15 Boston
A New Day for Digital DNA 04/14/15 Boston
Wisconsin Roundup: Arrowhead, Cellular Dynamics, Madworks, & More 04/14/15 Wisconsin
Startups From Asia, Germany, and Texas, Kick Off Rice Student Contest 04/14/15 Texas
Localytics Acquires Splitforce to Personalize Mobile Marketing 04/14/15 Boston
Arcadia Health Gets $13M Shot to Boost Healthcare Data and Analytics 04/14/15 Boston
HAP Innovations Tackles Missed Meds with Automated Dispenser 04/14/15 Raleigh Durham
Pop That Bubble: 5 Reasons Biotech Needs A Different Metaphor 04/14/15 National
VC Funding Slows as Big Funds Crowd into Late-Stage Venture Deals 04/14/15 National
Curoverse Begins Trial Run for Open Source Genomics Tool 04/14/15 Boston
Watchwith Garners $5,272,810 New Financing Round 04/14/15 San Francisco
ScoreStream Garners $2,000,000 Seed Round 04/14/15 San Diego
Eaze Garners $10,000,000 Series A Funding Round 04/14/15 San Francisco
Duo Security Obtains $30,000,000 Series C Financing 04/14/15 Detroit
Illumio Obtains $100,000,000 Series C Round 04/14/15 San Francisco
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