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Entry Author Date Location
Clinverse Lands $9,000,000 New Funding Round 08/19/14 Raleigh Durham
United Office Obtains Seed Funding 08/19/14 Boston
FINsix Garners $2,260,000 New Round 08/19/14 Boston
Sonivate Medical Receives $415,000 New Financing Round 08/19/14 Seattle
Vestaron Receives $10,000,000 New Funding 08/19/14 Detroit
Algorithmia Garners $2,400,000 Seed Financing 08/19/14 Seattle
Campus Quad Receives $733,000 New Round 08/19/14 San Francisco
From Autism to Diabetes to HIPAA, Rock Health Seeds 8 More Startups 08/18/14 San Francisco
New Deals Spur SMTP to Compete With HubSpot, Marketo, Act-On 08/18/14 Boston
Business Intel Firm L2 Hires New CEO Scott Ernst, Looks to Scale Up 08/18/14 New York
Q&A With Classy, First Startup Out of Consumer-Tech Foundry Blade 08/18/14 Boston
Austin Identity Management Software Maker SailPoint Sets New Course 08/18/14 Texas
Glowing Plants To Nanodiamonds: Y Combinator’s Biotechs Debut 08/18/14 San Francisco
Madison Startup Rides Immunotherapy Wave With Prostate Drug 08/18/14 Wisconsin
Vibrado Lands $1,500,000 New Financing Round 08/18/14 San Francisco
Medallia Secures $50,000,000 New Funding 08/18/14 San Francisco
OKpanda Garners $1,600,000 New Financing 08/18/14 New York
Cellectar Secures $617,500 New Financing Round 08/18/14 Wisconsin
Benchling Lands $100,000 Seed Round 08/18/14 San Francisco
iDevices Secures $5,000,000 New Funding 08/18/14 Boston
uBiome Obtains $4,500,000 New Financing Round 08/18/14 San Francisco
MMIS Receives New Funding 08/18/14 Boston
Aptible Secures $100,000 Seed Financing Round 08/18/14 San Francisco
DisruptiveApps Lands $77,854 New Round 08/18/14 Boston
Acumen Obtains $100,000 Seed Financing Round 08/18/14 San Francisco
Helion Energy Obtains $1,500,000 Series A Funding Round 08/18/14 Seattle
Welkin Health Secures $100,000 Seed Financing Round 08/18/14 San Francisco
Cargomatic Obtains $500,000 New Round 08/18/14 San Diego
AppNexus Obtains $60,000,000 New Funding 08/18/14 New York
Comprehend Obtains $21,000,000 Series B Round 08/18/14 San Francisco
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