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Entry Author Date Location
Tornado Spectral Systems Secures New Financing Round 09/12/14 New York
DxNow Lands $172,500 New Financing 09/12/14 Boston
UW’s Blank on Tech Transfer, Bridging the Milwaukee-Madison Divide 09/11/14 Wisconsin
At U-M, 40 Years Of Gaucher Research Rewarded With FDA Approval 09/11/14 Detroit
Boston Security Firms CyberArk, Veracode Make Deals as Threats Mount 09/11/14 Boston
Hear Epizyme, Sage, Zafgen Share Their Stories on Oct. 8 09/11/14 Boston
Cleantech Startups Seek to Scrub Dirty Industries, Not Kill Them Off 09/11/14 National
A Chat With Sanjiv Sidhu of Business Management Software Maker o9 09/11/14 Texas
Startups, Jobs, Economic Impact: An Analysis of Commercialization at UW 09/11/14 Seattle
Mediamorph Secures $10,000,000 Series B Funding 09/11/14 New York
CartoDB Lands $7,000,000 Series A Round 09/11/14 New York
HP Acquires Eucalyptus Systems for Undisclosed Sum 09/11/14 San Diego
Veracode Secures $39,999,983 New Funding Round 09/11/14 Boston
OneView Commerce Obtains $1,521,352 New Round 09/11/14 Boston
CrowdStreet Receives $675,000 New Round 09/11/14 Seattle
NextVR Receives $5,000,000 New Financing Round 09/11/14 San Diego
AirXpanders Garners $5,661,498 Series E Funding 09/11/14 San Francisco
365 Data Centers Obtains $16,000,000 Series B Funding Round 09/11/14 San Francisco
Keas Secures $7,422,859 New Funding Round 09/11/14 San Francisco
After Prolonged Review, FDA Approves Orexigen’s Weight-Loss Drug 09/10/14 San Diego
The Knowledge Worker’s Next Must-Have Gadget: A Telepresence Robot 09/10/14 National
Mayor de Blasio Announces Chief Tech Officer for New York at NYTM 09/10/14 New York
Pappas, Chiesi Venture Fund Joins Ranks of Pharma & VC Partnerships 09/10/14 Raleigh Durham
Avelas Closes Round, Advancing Biologic That Illuminates Breast Cancer 09/10/14 San Diego
An Intriguing Program Takes on Tropical Diseases—But Not Ebola 09/10/14 National
OnKol Wants to Help Grandma Join the Internet of Things Movement 09/10/14 Wisconsin
Quantenna Communications Obtains $16,162,564 New Financing Round 09/10/14 San Francisco
Persimmon Technologies Garners $1,176,394 New Funding Round 09/10/14 Boston
Avogy Lands $40,000,000 Series B Funding 09/10/14 San Francisco
SNUPI Technologies Receives $2,226,844 New Financing Round 09/10/14 Seattle
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