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Entry Author Date Location
BioTrace Medical Receives $1,702,638 New Financing 07/27/15 San Francisco
Dynamite Labs Garners $1,600,000 Seed Round 07/27/15 New York
Castle Biosciences Secures $11,700,000 Series F Round 07/27/15 Texas
DraftKings Garners $3,000,000 Series D Funding Round 07/27/15 Boston
AdAgility Lands $1,600,000 New Financing 07/27/15 Boston
Senic Receives New Round 07/27/15 San Francisco
Phoodeez Secures $75,000 New Round 07/27/15 Boston
Hometeam Lands $11,000,000 Series A Financing 07/27/15 New York
eFFECTOR Therapeutics Receives $14,666,666 New Funding 07/27/15 San Diego
It’s My Michigan Secures Series A Funding 07/27/15 Detroit
Expensify Receives $17,500,000 Series C Financing 07/27/15 San Francisco
Flite Receives $2,999,993 New Round 07/27/15 San Francisco
Seattle Roundup: Acquisitions by Zillow, TUNE, Remitly, & More 07/24/15 Seattle
FDA OKs Cholesterol Fighter Praluent For More Patients Than Expected 07/24/15 New York
Canary Edging Forward with its Plan to Democratize Home Security 07/24/15 New York
Money, Mergers & Expansions For Booktrack, Other SF Startups 07/24/15 San Francisco
VoltDB Revs Up for Fast-Database Race With $9.8M More 07/24/15 Boston
East Coast Biotech Roundup: Biogen, RaNA, Inotek, Disruptors & More 07/24/15 Boston
VCs Back Voxel8 to See If a Professor’s Startup Can 3D-Print Money 07/24/15 Boston
Levanto Financial Obtains $1,601,493 New Financing Round 07/24/15 Detroit
Remedy Partners Lands $50,000,000 Series B Financing 07/24/15 Boston
KineMed Obtains $450,000 New Funding 07/24/15 San Francisco
VENTUREAPP Obtains $2,000,000 New Financing Round 07/24/15 Boston
Outpost Games Garners $6,200,000 Series A Round 07/24/15 San Francisco
Voxel8 Garners $12,000,000 Series A Funding Round 07/24/15 Boston
Wrightspeed Receives $5,049,949 New Financing Round 07/24/15 San Francisco
3Derm Systems Lands $480,000 New Funding 07/24/15 Boston
Palantir Technologies Garners $449,999,989 New Financing 07/24/15 San Francisco
Testive Receives $2,158,270 New Financing 07/24/15 Boston
SutroVax Secures $22,000,000 Series A Financing Round 07/24/15 San Francisco
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